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Monday, October 16, 2006

a small break in the crochet talk

You know how they say that if you see standing water on the road, you shouldn't attempt to drive through it? They don't tell you what to do if it's raining so hard that you can't see that water until you're actually in it, or how to turn around safely in the stuff without getting hit by all the cars that are already proceeding in the stuff--and those cars are not going to stop for you, no way.

And so it was that I inadvertently ended up in the middle of a flood, with a car that stalled before I could get out of the water, and had to abandon my car midstream.

A kindly soul in a nice big truck noticed me right away, stopped for me, and took me to my destination (my son's daycare). Another kindly soul happened to have an extra pair of pants for me to wear (mine were thoroughly soaked up to my hiney by my short wade through the floodwaters). And yet another, also driving a nice big truck, brought my son and me safely home. Our house is safely above the water, which was lapping at the front steps. My car was towed away by one of the few drivers that would brave the water, though we have no idea yet of the damage it may have suffered.

I'm still waiting for my husband to get home. He stayed at work late in hopes of giving the water time to recede, and left the office about 45 minutes ago. I begged him to stay at work overnight, but he's a stubborn sort and would not be convinced. I'm hoping that he'll arrive within the hour.

ETA: My husband got home safely--the water had gone down quite a bit, and he had no trouble getting home, thank goodness.


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