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A writer and art educator sets out to crochet a full-body self portrait.

Friday, July 28, 2006

inspiration from cicadas

When I was little, I looked forward to finding "bug skins" in my back yard. Every summer, hundreds of empty cicada "skins" appeared, perched on leaves, twigs, and the links of our cyclone fence. I collected them, brought them into the house, played games with them, hooked their prickly claws into my clothes to wear them as brooches, and explored their hard, brittle forms with my fingertips.

The crochet body will have a split up the back for entry, as do the cicada skins. I like how this recalls metamorphosis, and how that process may be inverted by the act of donning the crochet body (which is a static object even as my real body changes).


Blogger =z said...

keep going, Tria!
i like the cicada idea-

6:29 PM  

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