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A writer and art educator sets out to crochet a full-body self portrait.

Monday, July 31, 2006

drafting the body

On the left is the first concept sketch I made for this project. I scribbled it out while indulging in French toast and coffee at a local diner. On the right is a sketch I made the next day. Surrounding the sketches are the yarns and hooks I'm using to make the practice head.

I made more progress on the practice head, and will post a pic of the work thus far tonight or tomorrow. I'm getting a little hung up on how I want to do the transition from jawline to neck, but hope to work that out today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it was my project (which it isn't) I would HAVE to explore the concept of trying to copy what I really look like and what I feel like on the inside...There are so many FABULOUS yarns out there these days....I would just HAVE to experiment about who I look like on the inside vs outside somehow...Jillian Haberman :)

7:11 PM  

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